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Statement by Michel Deneken , President of University of Strasbourg

Dear students, dear colleagues, 

We are living in difficult times and despite the distance between Baku and Strasbourg, I would like to send you a testimony of understanding and support at a time when some of you are affected by the war and its painful and dramatic consequences and when France is once again affected by terrorism and the pandemic. 

Our thoughts go out to all the victims of the conflict that affects you and particularly to the innocent victims Gandja and Barda cities in Azerbaijan of the bombings that hit the cities.  On our behalf, we send our condolences to the students and staff of the UFAZ and to their families. 

We hope that the spiral of violence will give way as soon as possible to dialogue and negotiations that will bring lasting peace. 

The university is the place of reason, creative intelligence, open-mindedness and light. You are actors in all this, at the UFAZ in Baku. It is a mission that we have in common to improve the lives of our loved ones and our children, and to prepare together for a future of hope and peace. 

The university is also the richness of the diversity of its members, the respect and the listening between all and at the service of each one. Let us know together how to bring these values to life and not let arbitrariness or incomprehension break the bonds that unite us and strengthen us. 

We make the University together. 


Professor Michel Deneken 

President of Strasbourg University